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Forest Friends Storytime: Rocks and Pikas

Hey there, Forest Friends! I sure do miss your smiling faces and exploring with you! Welcome to week 2 of our online storytime - keep scrolling down for videos, links, and printables.

Parents, if you follow @forestfriendscda on Instagram or Facebook, I'm posting short daily ideas to inspire outdoor play - things that are simple to do in your yard or around the block. Look for them Monday - Thursday.

Today we are exploring Rocks and a very cute and fascinating animal that makes its home in the rocks, the Pika.

How to say Pika? Well, it depends on where you're from! Some people call them "pie-kas" and other people call them "pee-kas". So, it's up to you!

Here's the animal card for this week. Don't forget to color it!

Do we have Pikas in North Idaho? Well, yes! Not in town, but if you're hiking in the mountains and see a scree pile, there are probably pikas around.


Suggested books for this week (unfortunately, the Library is not taking holds right now - but you may be able to find these elsewhere):

A Rock Song

(to the tune of Frere Jacques)

Rocks in my pockets,

Rocks in my pockets,

Big and small,

Big and small.

Shiny little pebbles,

Shiny little pebbles,

Found them all,

Found them all.


pile up some couch cushions and pillows for a "scree pile" and pretend to be a pika! How will you make your hay pile? Can you "chreeee!" like a Pika?

Here's some nerdy stuff for parents (related to rock sorting in the first video) - working from left to right with your child is a great pre-reading skill. And sorting is a wonderful building block for scientific thinking!

Keep exploring, keep learning, and I hope to see you all back, happy and healthy before too long!

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