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Forest Friends Storytime

Hi Forest Friends! Thanks for joining us here as we try to stay connected with the library being closed.

I initially was going to make a really awesome vlog for you, Forest Friends style, but after I shot all the video in the wrong direction, I realized that unlike this pup, I don't yet know how to make a vlog :-/. So we will keep it simple with links, and please comment below with any questions or nature shares from this week!

Char is putting together packets for you to pick up this week that will have the field guide cards, craft, and seeds! Supplies are limited so swing by the front door of the Library and follow the procedure listed on the door for a hold pick-up. Be sure to ask for the Forest Friends Storytime packet! Thanks, Char!!

This week's theme is all about Spring, Seeds, and Sprouting. Today is the official First Day of Spring!

Nature Show and Tell:

So I wasn't able to edit the full vlog, but we did have some show and tells for you! Grownups, feel free to comment with a nature share at the bottom of the post.


This week, take a look in your neighborhood and out in the woods for signs of spring - especially new things that are sprouting. Take a look at the buds and twigs on trees. What does the new spring growth look like? Different trees and shrubs have very different new growth this time of year!

Books :

And Then It's Spring by Julie Fogliano (YouTube reading here)

If You Hold a Seed by Elly MacKay (YouTube video of how she made the book)

The Big Round Sun (traditional)

The big round sun in a springtime sky (Form circle with arms)

Winked at a cloud that was passing by. (Wink Eye)

The little cloud laughed as it scattered rain, (flutter fingers downward)

Then out came the big round sun again. (Form large circle with arms)

Field Guide Card & Craft:

  • Field Guide: Miner's Lettuce

  • Miner's lettuce is special because it grows in the woods and you can grow it at home, too! Gold miners a long time ago ate it to stay healthy. Check out this post for pictures and more info.

  • Craft: Make a Seed Packet!

  • Supplies (including Miner's lettuce seeds) are available at the Library on a limited basis. You can also print the seed packets from this link and use them for other seeds you collect!

More Resources:

Radish Seeds Sprouting time lapse (oddly entertaining!)

Let us know how you used these resources, and enjoy your exploring time! Until next week....

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