Welcome to Forest Friends

Nature Preschool for North Idaho


Our Mission

Forest Friends School serves kids ages 4-6 in the Coeur d'Alene /Post Falls/Rathdrum area. We believe in taking young children outside for play and learning every day.


We are currently building a community of parents and kids interested in taking their preschool learning outdoors - through community events like Storytime.


We are opening a Nature Preschool in Fall of 2021. Be sure to get on our email list for updates!

Our Programming

Learning Through Outdoor Play



Do you remember jumping off of stumps? How about building forts with your friends? Discovering a secret stash of snail shells under a rock? These traditional childhood activities have given way to fast-paced, digital forms of fun. Forest Friends uses experiences in nature to educate, challenge, and inspire. Our school program (opening Fall 2021) will spend 50% or more of the time outdoors.


Our curriculum combines the best of play-based learning with outdoor time, structure, and routines - so your child can grow socially,  and emotionally - as well as be ready for grade school. 

Pre-academic skills are integrated every day as we use a wide range of literacy, fine and gross motor, and cognitive development activities.


Nature can be a source of enjoyment and learning to last a lifetime.

We use local nature themes to guide our learning and exploration. Our curriculum is centered around learning local animals and plants and outdoor skills. Books, art, crafts, games, and songs are woven into our routine. Our full program will also include gardening, wood crafts, and traditional crafts.

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