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'23-'24 Forest Friends "bye" year

Not an announcement I want to make, but - Forest Friends as it currently operates, will be taking a break for the 2023-2024 school year. This has been a difficult decision to make but many doors are closing, both personally and with the business, that have made it clear that we need to head in a new direction.

I am SO grateful for the support of everyone over the past 4 years in launching this venture, and this is really the beginning of a new phase more than it is the end of Forest Friends. I am especially thankful for your belief in outdoor ed for young children, and those word-of-mouth referrals. Let's stay in touch as we move into a new phase. It has been such a joy to create a place and time for holistic learning for your little ones.

What I won't be doing next school year:

  • Providing in-home preschool on our property

  • Providing drop-off child care

What I will be doing next year:

  • Staying in contact about our next steps as a school via email list. Be sure you are signed up, and reach out to me at any time!

  • Continuing to teach outdoor skills and nature study through other avenues in the community

  • Furthering my professional skills and planning the next phase

What is still up in the air:

  • Summer camps. If I do these summer '23 they will be very limited space or through other community venues. This email list will know about them first.

With gratefulness for you,

Ms. Laura

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