Why Host Forest Friends?

We are looking for a landowner to host our preschool starting Fall 2021.

Why host our school?

  • Help support our local community in helping to provide sorely needed high-quality early childhood options. With the Coeur d'Alene area's explosive growth in the last few years, many families are unable to enroll their children in preschool due to high demand.

  • Generate off-season income for your land or facility. The school will run after Labor Day until Memorial day, Monday - Thursday, 9-12. There will be other opportunities to offer week long summer day camps for portions of the summer, generating more lease income, if you are interested. Our facility needs are minimal (see below).

  • Increase your visibility to our community - by having parents visiting your land/facility on a regular basis for pick-up and drop-off, your in-season business will have increased visibility.

  • We are committed to professionalism and safety. Forest Friends is a member of the Natural Start Alliance, the premier organization for early childhood outdoor education. We will also handle insurance for your property as it relates to the school and any necessary permitting through the county. Our instructors are all qualified to work with young children, with background checks and appropriate first aid/CPR training.

  • We share your North Idaho values. While nature preschools exist all over the world, with a nationwide movement increasing their popularity, we are committed to North Idaho's wise-use conservation ethics. 

What does Forest Friends school need in a lease?

  • access to a minimum of 2 acres of forested or wild (uncultivated/undeveloped) land safe for children accompanied by an adult 

  • parking for minimum 3-5 vehicles for pickup/drop off

  • a small heated indoor area with a bathroom, reserved only for school use, or the ability/space to set up our own small semi-portable structure (like a yurt or tiny house) along with a port-a-potty; for school use only.

  • an outdoor area, preferably just outside the indoor facility, where it would be permitted for children to dig, garden, set up a water table, install outdoor obstacles like balance beams or tree swings.

  • background checks and child safety plan agreed upon between the school and land owner

Interested? Want to continue a conversation? Please contact us!


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